Frolfing in Rossland...

The Thin Air Frolf Club is a recently renovated 18 hole beauty. With PDGA approved cement tee pads and two new par 4's this course is second to none in British Columbia.
Please respect the wildlife and pick up after yourselves.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome to the Thin Air Frolf Club!

Tanner making sure that Fry puts his back into it!

What did you say?

Chunk and Tucker moving cement around

Benner planning out another trail.

Thin Air Frolf Club, Rossland - All the blood, sweat and tears have finally paid off and the course has taken shape. The RFA finally has it's very own disc golf course and its fantastic. Throughout the last month and a half many of the RFA members have been working hard to solidify sponsorship, purchase equipment, dig holes and turn a X country ski facility into one of the finest Frolf courses in the West Kootenays. Cheers to the men behind the scenes and the men behind their scenes and the scenes behind their men... you know what I mean.
Let's keep this the finest, most open and well spirited Disc Golf course around!


Anonymous said...

Disc Golf is alive and well here on the coast! Let's see if some of you Rosslanders can make it to Kamloops for a tournament on their new kick ass course on Sat. May 10th.

Anonymous said...

Nice site.
Im friends with Benno, and would like to work with you in promoting the sport of Disc Golf.
Can you please have whoever is in charge email me at
Thanks so much.
So glad to hear there is another great course.

Sandy said...

We're having a disc golf tourney up in Kimberley on September 19th. Located at the Kimbo Riverside Campgrounds (so reserve a tent spot), with a potluck and a nighttime glow round! Spread the werd.

I haven't played the Rossland course yet, but it's on my very important TO DO list ;)


John W. said...

so does anyone play out there is march, i'll be there and keep at the end of the month...

Travis said...

Perhaps a meeting of sorts in the near future to get on track for the new course? Have fun in Spokane boyz! Open invite to my backyard 3 hole course @ 1555 LeRoi

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